Sex Bots
Confidential Product and Performance Testing
Three sets of participants were hand picked from many
interviewed to be involved in trial testing of our product
Sex Bots.  These individuals are not associated with the
adult entertainment industry and were selected to provide
genuine and critical consumer feedback necessary for
marketing and product development.  

Single professional female - received Harry Harddrive prototype

Married heterosexual couple - received both Susie Software and
Harry Harddrive prototypes

Single male with birth defect - received Susie Software prototype

The names and identifies of these individuals will be kept in the
strictest of confidence.
Results of product testing show that findings are mixed.
  • Weight - Participants of all groups indicate that sexbots are lightweight and easy to use,
    however, if they could be made even lighter that would be a plus.

  • Appearance - Some participants stated that the realistic look was slightly intimidating
    and that possibly a "cartoon character" model might be appealing to some.

  • Movement - Surprising results from the couple indicate that Harry's head movement and
    oral opening can hold a toy or vibrator and assist in the 69 position as well.

  • Functions - All participants received prototypes with the radio remote control function,
    however this function applied more to the couple rather than the individuals.
The feedback from the participants in this trial testing was both positive
and enlightening.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the best
product available.  

We are excited to announce that we believe one of the participants,
although they do not want to be identified, is willing to provide us with a
videtaped interview of their experience with a sexbot.

On a lighter note, one of the participants indicated that they enjoyed a few
glasses of wine and basically never left their apartment upon receiving
their sexbot for an entire weekend.

The couple stated that the sexbots were the most exciting adult toys they
had ever played with.