Sex Bots
Susie Software and Harry Harddrive are
available for special events such as:

   Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

For that guy or gal you want to totally blow away before
their big day.

   Gentleman's Club

Picture Susie entertaining the boys at the club.

   Private Parties

Are you looking for a new idea for your next erotic toy
party?  Harry or Susie would make a huge impact as a
model for your products.

   Social Gatherings

Susie or Harry would love to be invited to your next group

Doll and/or Robot enthusiast events
Milestone Birthday, Anniversary parties
Fraternity, Sorority parties

Just use your imagination.

All customer information is kept confidential.

You may submit your request to hire one or both sexbots for
your event via email to: or

For your privacy, please send your email to the above listed
addresses through your personal mail box.  Thank you.
Just Imagine the REACTION that  
Harry and Susie would generate
at your next event.

Rental fees are $300 per hour plus expenses.
Three (3) hour minimum.